Shipping information:

Everything on Usztee is printed just for you, every product is professionally designed and printed by us. We work with a group of global shipping manufacturers and services to place orders from your site to your door.

  1. After you purchase, we will send you an order confirmation email, with some important details such as order number, quantity, order summary, total cost and selected delivery address. .
  1. Our products are printed at your request, so printing usually takes 2-5 depending on the time of year. We have a global network of third party printers that are masters at their workshop. Shipping usually takes 2-8 days depending on your address far or near our printer. You will receive shirt from 4 – 13 days after ordering.
  1. Your order is shipped to your door. Or your office. Or anywhere. When it’s on the road, you will receive a delivery confirmation email. Shipping time varies depending on where it goes and is calculated automatically at checkout.

Shipping destination and shipping fee:

We will provide you with the tracking code as soon as the order is submitted. We use the UPS fast and secure shipping system (for customers in the US) and for international customers depending on our printers.

Shipping method:


Domestic UPS 2-5 business days 3-5 US business days: $ 8.99

UPS International 2-5 business days 7-14 International business days: $ 12.99

Note: For each additional purchase we will charge an additional shipping cost of $ 3.00.


Taxes and international taxes

All shipments are sent by UPS. Orders will be sent to the address you entered at checkout. The shipping country is selected at checkout. All prices, currencies, VAT, delivery times and delivery charges will be adjusted depending on the country you want your items to be shipped to.